L’Increvable washing machine by L’Increvable & M. Jean-Yves Doisy, General Manager Vitamine T / Envie 2 Nord – Dassault Systèmes. The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab — Dassault Systèmes’ startup accelerator — presents an alternative to the drifts of planned obsolescence: The startup L’increvable offers an eco-designed washing machine, based on high reliability, easy maintenance and upgradability. To discover concretely where the electric and electronic products of our everyday life ends their lives, we invite you to follow the path of a washing machine at the reconditioning center “Envie 2 Nord”. Envie Nord is one of the biggest recycling and reconditioning center of e-wastes based in the north of France. Their general manager, Jean-Yves Doisy, will explain you what e-wastes are and how they process them at Envie 2 Nord. Then Abdelhak – a technician working on the site – will show you what should be improved in existing washing machines to improve their maintenance. L’Increvable’s team – together with mentors from the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Startup Acceleration program – will demonstrate how industrial design and advanced system engineering help improving the reparability and upgradability of this type of products to significantly increase their lifespan. Immerse yourself in the full StoryLiving 360° experience and become a virtual member of this designed-to-last journey. This video is best viewed in a VR headset. If you are watching it on your computer or other device, use your mouse to move your cursor and change your point of view during the video.